Aryans provides a platform to enrich the concepts of computer hardware and software. It aids students to gain proficiency in Programming languages like C,C++,Java by conducting weekly interactive sessions on topics that are not covered in regular courses, topics that every computer science student should know before he/she graduates.

Basics of various areas in computer science like Image Processing , Animations , Programming , Networking etc., along with some of the basic useful toolslike Pagemaker , Photoshop , Image Ready , Flash etc., are covered in the sessions conducted. We make the sessions interesting by giving live demos and make them practically do what they have learnt.We provide interesting websites and other resources through which knowledge can be gained. We also discuss the major running trends in the field of computer science.We conduct competitions to unleash the talent within the students and help them gain more interest in the subject. We organise special lectures by our professors on topics which are of student's interest.

Electronics Hobby Center

The electronics hobby centre is the place to join if you are hardware freak. The centre has its own e-magazine, lectures and discussions and it also has its own labs with Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Function Generators and other lab equipments.

Founded by Prof. Suryakant Ingle and a student Bhupesh Batra with the aim of "moving towards electro excellence" you'll find that they take it upon themselves to promote electronics in a big way.

This is the ultimate geek paradise. This is where you will find people soldering circuits, wiring motors and working on projects like communicating with a motor through the serial port of your computer, or making a new multimedia keyboard or just creating disco lights for the next dance night, this is where it all happens.

From organizing lectures on different topics to giving introductory lab sessions on them, from giving an overview of the technology behind latest buzz words to helping in building robots, the EHC does it all even providing for most of the equipment and parts required for projects thus removing the cost factor which is a major factor that prevents a lot of people from doing a project.

Apart from electronics they also organize debates, quizzes etc. and hold many contests like crossword, student paper presentations and idea presentations, CRO gaming contests and even basic robot building contests.

Film Club

By far the most celebrated club, the Film Club occupies a special place in every student's heart. Its tremendous popularity can be gauged by the fact that it has more members than any other, a number that adds up to be a whopping 900! It has been a trend that every fresher in the college would join the Film Club, even if he chooses to join no other. The club was started by a few ardent movie enthusiasts with the aim of providing regular entertainment to DA-IICTians in the form of interesting as well as enlightening cinema. The club screens a movie the night before every regular holiday (Saturdays and Sundays) as well as before special ones at the Open Air Theatre (OAT).

The club also has a room reserved exclusively for itself where the members can go and watch movies of their choice on the television available. Even if one missed the displayed movies, the member can always view it later. The Film Club has a wide range of movies - 140 English, 70 Hindi and 25 Other - bears ample testimony to the fact the club can boast not only of quantity, but also of quality. Keeping all interests in mind, the club has something for each of its members. From 'The Godfather' to 'Guide', from 'The Seven Samurai' to 'Parineeta', the movies cater to multiple and varied backgrounds. DA-IICT students are not merely spectators but knowledgable about cinema.

Forward Forum

Forward Forum is a progressive student organization with an aim, as the title suggests, acting as a forum for debate and discussion of issues, without proscribing any ideologies: right or left. With a focus on socio-political topics, the forum is an attempt to expose the student community to non-mainstream perspectives, and to initiate a dialogue on the current zeitgeist. The objective of the forum is to create an open-ended community which provides a platform for discussing issues relating to Indian polity. And also to discuss and pursue systematically figures and philosophies which were marginalized or sidelined by the dominant and official view of history.

Some of our past speakers include:-

  • Dr.Ram Puniyani - Challenges to Indian Nationalism
  • Mr.Raghav Sharan Sharma - Indian Peasant Movement and their place in National Movements
  • Dr. Sujit Sinha - Microfinance and rural development
  • Dr. Kerim Friedman - Gramsci's theory of The State
  • Mr. Dakxin Bhai Chhara - Development through Community Theaters
French Club

French Club was started in 2004. It holds French classes in association with Alliance Francaise (Ahmedabad) for level 1 (Beginners) and level 2 (advanced) each year. Typically, around 25 students (2 batches at the beginners level) enroll in each class. The club also hosts cultural activities such as classical music programs in association with Alliance Francaise.


HeadRush, The DAIICT Quiz Club, was formed circa 2006 to bring together like minded people who had a common passion for quizzing. The foundations for the club were laid by the Class of 2005 (B.Tech. ). It has been operational for around one year now, quietly and slowly making its presence felt around the college. Its claim to fame so far has been organising the quizzing event by the same name at Synapse 2007. HeadRush conducts weekly Sunday quizzes on a regular basis.

These gatherings see quite a substantial amount of participation, with at least the quiz-crazy fraternity at DAIICT being there, more often than not. The club has taken some noticeable steps to widen its reach. It now organizes a mega quiz every second Sunday wherein it gives away cash prizes to the winners. Believing in the adage "great successes have moderate beginnings", HeadRush now plans to inculcate the same spirit of inquisitiveness in the fresh blood coming to DA-IICT. It aims to provide intelligent entertainment to the students every week and also to develop the standard of quizzing present at DA-IICT.

Linux Users Group

Committed to strengthening the power of the open source movement this club actively promotes the use of Linux and other open source software.
DLUG holds many events from initiating the first years to Linux and helping them to install it on their own PC's to teaching them how to customize it to their own personal needs and how to do shell scripting and finally to introduce them to the complete power of the Emacs. They also have as faculty members Prof. RB Lenin and Prof. Prabhat Ranjan who have given lectures on topics ranging from "network simulation" to "using Linux as an OS for embedded systems".
All in all if you are a power user and want to have true control over your machine or if you just want to customize your machine so that it is now truly yours, these are the people who help you and this is one will club you must join.


Set up with the vision of ‘personal transformation through outreach activities, Prayaas is an effort to unite the diverse skills of DA-IICTians to put them at the service of the society. It’s not a social service group but a social assistance organization that assist the underprivileged members of society in every manner it can.

Prayaas has made attempts to put together the efforts of those members of the DA-IICT community who care about people with disabilities and other problems, helping them to come out of their loneliness and give them the courage to fight it out.  It has called for a change in perception of these people about their view of the world and the world’s perception about them. The ultimate aim of the organization is to use the resources available at hand and the experiences to enable handicapped individuals to lead an independent life and have a strong foothold in the society, Prayaas has associated itself with various organizations and institutions in Ahmedabad that work towards the same goal.

The activities are organized by holding sensitizing orientation sessions before any interaction with them and ensuring that a meeting can be arranged every weekend. Growth of the club has been mostly a function of the interest that students have shown in having these interactions and the learning experiences that they have had.

Press Club

Since its inception, the Press Club, has come out with an electronic news magazine, Entelechy. The word, as in the philosophy of Aristotle, is the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realized, signifying actuality as opposed to potentiality. The magazine has been the started with the hope that it will be the same for every writing talent in the college. Entelechy, with its variety and emphasis on quality, has been immensely popular in the campus, inviting comments from students and professors alike. One of the aims of the Press Club now includes the commencement of a printed edition of Entelechy at the end of every semester. This will act as a souvenir for students going back home as well as being one of the symbols of DA-IICT to the outsider.

The club, which is a fully democratic body, consists of students who are willing to play a role in this effort. The club has appropriate representation from each batch of the college. It was initially proposed that the Press Club committee contained 17 members, three from each UG batch, and one each from M.Tech., BE, MS-IT, MS-IT (Agri.) and M.Des. The first committee was nominated but future elections have been planned to be held at the beginning of every even semester. Anybody who has contributed at a decent level for the Press Club is eligible to vote in the elections and anyone who is eligible to vote is also eligible to compete for the posts.

Programming Club

As a torchbearer in what we call as ' coding stuff ', the vision and activities of this club is not limited only to the traditional C/C++, Java but dwells out to a more broader area of developing the algorithmic skills of DA-IICT community. Towards accomplishing our this aim the club conduct's relevant lectures, workshops , seminars and weekly online programming contests (OPCs) - a thermometer for the coding fever. Through this wholesome recipe the club provides the students with solid algorithmic and programming foundation as such that will help them in their placements and in world renowned programming contests, such as ACM-ICPC, TopCoder to name a few. With the help of various faculties the club conducts sessions with relevant companies and creating such projects that amply familiarizes the students with creating large and commercial softwares .

Apart from our 'core mission' we conduct sessions on technologies such as AJAX, Web 2.0, Python, Ruby and many more diversified areas such as Embeded Systems, Robotics, Network Security, AI, Pattern recognition etc.. Promoting the more popular trend of 'Ethical Hacking' the club conducts various sessions on security issues and keeps students informed about the latest security threats.


Any Radio is lifeless without the RJ and though the EHC can claim to have built the radio, it is the Radio DA-IICT core team that gave it soul with music from Nickleback and Pink Floyd to Ravi Shankar and Tata Young.

From holding weekly radio contests to dedicating songs from and to students radio DA-IICT does it all transmitting at 105 FM. It has its office at the CEP top floor. Along with transmitting on air, they also stream their sessions live to the hostel PC's giving mp3 music quality. Since it plays not only in our rooms but also in the food courts and the sports complex, it's constant and melodious presence is an integral part of the life of any DA-IICTian.


Sambhav is a collective initiative taken up by the students of DAIICT.It's an attempt to contribute in bringing about a change in the existing iniquitous and unjust social order of the country. Sambhav stands for social transformation and is premised on the principles and values enshrined in the preamble to the constitution of our country. The mission of the group is to educate and empower the underprivileged through integrated methods and to bring about progressive social change while striving to sensitize people about the social issues at the same time.

Sun Club

Sun Club is a collaborative effort of Sun Microsystems Inc and DA-IICT under the Campus Ambassador Program which aims to promote Open Source and Sun's Technologies in the campus. Sun is currently running this program all over the world. DA-IICT was offered this partnership from Sun Microsystems on 12th July, 2007. After the selection of the Campus Ambassador for DA-IICT, Sun Club was formed on 8th August, 2007.

Sun Club makes students aware, learn, participate and contribute to open source technologies. It organizes lectures, demos, workshops, contests and games etc. to guide students technically. It has already organized a 2 day workshop on 6th and 7th Oct, 2007 on Code for Freedom Contest.

Sun Club is open for all students of DA-IICT to participate without any membership restrictions. All the students will receive personal technical support from the club to take part in open source technologies. Emulating the open source environment, the theme of Sun Club is: BE OPEN. BE FREE. The theme describes the basic structure, work culture and functional methodology of the club.

Theatre Group

We are a small fraternity of theatre enthusiasts.The group was born in the August of 2004. The stimulus was provided by the Budhan Theatre Group, a group from Ahmedabad, which performed a couple of Street Plays in DA-IICT, courtesy Prof. Ganesh Devy. Prof. Binita Desai gathered a zealous bunch of students keen on the idea of forming a theatre group. Prof. Ganesh Devy helped out with the script of the first street play and so, under the expert direction of Mr. Dakshin Chara (head of Budhan Theatre Group) , this group of amateurs kicked off  with the first-ever production of the DTG.

‘KHOJ’, the first street play, was ready by October first week. The inaugural performance of DTG was done in the OAT (Open Air Theatre) at DA-IICT. DTG hasn’t looked back ever since. We participated in ‘Mood Indigo’ (the IIT-Bombay cultural fest) and also performed this street play on the streets of Mumbai. We then took ‘KHOJ’ to ‘Jalsa’, the IIM- Ahmedabad annual festival, where, to our delight, we bagged the second prize. Later in February, 2005 the play was also performed in DA-IICT's own annual festival ‘Synapse’. Apart from the Street play, the group also produced and staged many prosceniums in the festival involving almost all the members of the Group.

Today DTG is an 80-member-strong club. Several prosceniums and a street play are underway and are expected to reach completion by January next year, as we gear up for the much awaited and planned-for DTG-event of the year-‘The Drama Night’. The Drama night is our chance to showcase our hard work and creativity and gain critical appreciation.