Synapse (Annual Techno-Cultural Festival)

A festival of knowledge and culture that falls generally in February-March each year. It links together different knowledge networks and reinforces the significance of Innovation, Interaction, Information, Communication and Technology in the 21st century through the agencies of panel discussions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and exciting competitive events. It serves as a meeting place for creative minds to discuss their ideas and allow for testing of their ideas in the face of intense competition, rigorous evaluations and a touch of the carnival.

The events at Synapse are designed to inspire solutions in which technology, culture, humanitarianism, and viability symbiotically coexist. The Synapse attempts to inspire creativity within the restrictions that are inevitable in any technological or cultural development.

Synapse creates a platform for technologists to harmonize with media and design in cultural contexts. It is thus an invitation to artists and designers to experiment with technology.

Synapse 2005 was the first experiment with this idea of a composite festival, with events ranging from areas such as Networks and Software to Theatre and Rock Competitions. The idea was to find a place where we would be able map the mutual relationship between technology and culture, and examine their reciprocity.

With systematic and generous support from the corporate community and overwhelming participation of students from all over India, we can definitely say that the experiment was successful as this spirit of cooperation, involvement, publicity, sponsorship, innovation, creativity, fusion, rhythm, aesthetics, fun and frolic, drama, fashion – all were at the peak during Synapse 2007.

find out more at ... http://synapse.daiict.ac.in


The Sports complex has three Badminton courts and four table tennis tables. Resources for other indoor games like carroms, chess are also available. There are two basketball courts and two volleyball courts adjacent to the football & cricket ground. The students in DA-IICT are divided into groups know as DA-IICT leagues which compete with each other every weekend in all sports activities.

The college teams of Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Cricket participate in various local and national level tournaments. The sports committee also invites colleges and clubs across Gujarat like Sabarmati Recreation Club, SAI, Mamta club, SGVP, SVIT-Anand to improve the standard of sports in DA-IICT and also to improve relations with the sports community in Gujarat.

Cultural Activities

The cultural events can be broadly classified into competitions, festivals, workshops and celebrity shows. The committee aims to bring out talent in the student community in all the possible forms whether its music, dance, theatre, literary skills, sketching or other fine artstyles. In order to showcase these talents various competitions like 'Sangeet Sandhya', 'Dance Nite', 'Drama Nite', 'Rangoli' are calendared through out the year. The committee organizes various festivals like Janmashtami, Dussera, Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Id, Christmas along with few regional festivals like Ugadi and Lohri. This helps to sensitize all towards the wide spectrum of beliefs which have harmoniously coexisted in India and spreading the message of peace and brotherhood which have transpired since ages through these festivals. To enrich the students with various hobbies such as in theatre, dance, instrumental and vocal music, art etc workshops are conducted which act as a platform nurturing budding talent.

In addition, there are celebrity shows which add color to student's life in campus. Some of them that have taken place in the past are the Hindustani classical vocals performance by Pt. Ajay Chakroborthy, Kathak Performance by(West Bengal based famous) Saptarshi Group, Rajasthani Folk Dances, Kavvali and Gazals Nites from artists of Ahmedabad and many more.An annual Kavi Sammelan organized by the committee is one of the most popular event taking place in the campus.