Batch of 2008

Abhishek Singh

It surprises me to think of how a place so small has been able to climb such great heights in such a short time. With a blend of brilliant faculty members, excellent infrastructure, its unique course curricula and a sound learning ambience, DA-IICT has successfully produced some of the finest minds around. DA-IICT, simply put, is an immense knowledge house and a great opportunity for the motivated. DA-IICT helped me identify the course of my career that I wanted to take and prepared me for it. It helped me build a rock solid platform upon which I stood and took my steps into the future. After spending four priceless years here, and having got a glimpse of the outside world, I can proudly say that DA-IICT has put me a notch above most engineers like me.

Abhishek is currently a graduate student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. His research areas include signal processing, pattern recognition, computer vision and image analysis. He currently works in the Information Theoretic Learning (ITL) group in the Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory (CNEL) at the University of Florida.

Garima Srivastava

Those four years of my life have been the most memorable and gave me those moments that will be cherished forever. DAIICT gave me the best of education, best of friends and the best of fun. Apart from the eminent faculty, flexible curriculum, the diversity of students in terms of socio-economic background, culture, language and religion gives DAIICTians a unique advantage - the ability to thrive in this fast globalizing economy. Last but not the least, I owe DAIICT for what I am today and I am happy that I made the right decision to join DAIICT.

Garima is currently pursuing MS in ECE department at University of Florida. Her Research Area include Signals & Systems.

H.Harsha Vardhana Reddy

DA-IICT is a place to learn. It offers everything that is required for an all round development of a student - competitive environment, state of the art infrastructure and great faculty. The one thing that sets its apart from the other institutions is the range of non-technical courses it offers. With all the resources provided its left to the student how well he/she uses them.

Harshvardhan is currently pursuing a masters degree in Digital Arts and Sciences at University of Florida, Gainesville. His Research Area include Computer Graphics.

Richa Gulati

DAIICT is the platform from where you can step into the outer world with full confidence. I had four best years of my life here.


Richa is currently pursung MBA at Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi.

Neeraj Jha

Getting admission into DA-IICT was the first milestone I acheived in the pursuit of my career and then in four years of my graduation, I walked through different aspects of the life and learnt how to deal with contiguous shades of it. Now I can proudly say that I am a product of DA-IICT working in a world's no. 1 multi-national organisation in telecom sector.

Neeraj is currently working as Software Consultant Engineer at Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow, India.

Yogesh Kumar Bansal

DA-IICT is the nice place to enjoy life along with the study. It gives nice oppertunity to work on interesting areas. I learnt many things here which are helping me in corporate world. I will cheers the moments forever that i spent here.

Yogesh is currently working as Network Engineer at HP Procurve, HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.

Anurag Mehrotra

DA-IICT is one of the best places i have been to. I will never forget the moments spent in DA-IICT. It has taught me everything required to excel in the corporate world.

Anurag is currently working as R & D Engineer at Hewlett Packard, Bangalore.

Kaushal Yadav

Good faculties, and a great environment of DAIICT helped a lot in completing my Engg. Finally am an Engg now. Thnx to DAIICT and Btech 2004 Batch for being with me.

Kaushal is currently working as Solution Integrator, IVR 2nd Line Support at Ericsson India Limited, Gurgaon.

Abhishek Jain

DA-IICT a Well-Known Institute in India having Highly Qualified Facutly, Good Infrastructure, very good place for those who has interest in computers.

Abhishek is currently working at Tata Consultancy Services, Jogeshwari, SilverMetropolis, Mumbai.

Vishwas Raj Jain

Given a chance to go back 4 years and choose a college again,I will surely go for DA-IICT .But this time not because of its academic excellence but due to the prevalent free spirit, extra curricular activities, socio-cultural opportunities, and widespread diversity throughout the college.

Vishwas is currently working as Research Engineer at Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks Research group, DA-IICT.

Gaurav Kumar Mehta

I will always cherish the time I spent at DA-IICT. The experiences that I had while I was there have played a major role in shaping up my life and enabling me to think big. Miss you DA-IICT!!!!

Gaurav is currently pursuing MS at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Vaibhav Saini

DA-IICT proved out to be an awesome institute to me. A place that provides a perfect blend of right course content, research opportunities, extra curricular activities and yes a great Personality Development Program (PDP) ;). Talent overflows here a perfect example is E-wing (2004-2008), a place I miss a lot. Miss you wing mates. Seems I'm getting a bit senti here, but really DA-IICT you have been amazing all those four unforgettable years. Joining DA-IICT was one decision that I'm proud I made.

Vaibhav is currently working as Associate Consultant at Kuliza Technologies.

Praneeth Thatavarthi

The four years I have spent at daiict is the best aprt of my life and it helped me build my dream career.

Praneeth is currently working as Technical Consultant at Saba Softwares Private Limited.

Sohil Hemnani

Some of the most wonderful time of my life was spent in DAIICT.. the memories, good and bad, made here are just too many to recount and too good to forget, and forever to be cherished.. as is the case with the everlasting friendships I made and the important lessons that were learnt, academic and otherwise..

Sohil is currently working as Software Consultant at InfoGain, Noida.

Nikhil Khandelwal

DA-IICT was like a second home for me, with quality education and environment and high profile faculties. I enjoyed all good and bad times here and will remember it for my whole life.

Nikhil is currently working as Software Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services, Akruti Business Port,Gateway Park, MIDC, Andheri(E), Mumbai.

Rachit Agrawal

DA-IICT was the place that changed my future in positive sense.

Rachit Agrawal is currently pursuing M.Tech. at IIT, Kanpur.


Srujith Lingala

DA-IICT is one of the very few dream institutes in India with the right infrastructure, inspiring professors and a great environment to build our future. It gives us a wide variety of exposure and helps us identify our own interests and encourages us to follow it. DA-IICT is an institute I will always be proud of.

Srujith Lingala is currently pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Management at Indian Institute of Management, Indore.

Subhash Guttikonda

I tasted the spirit of freedom in DAIICT.


Subhash Guttikonda is currently pursuing his Master degree in ECE at University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl, USA.


Shagun Bajoria

I spent memorable 4 years of my life at
DA-IICT. I am very thankful to all faculty members, friends and various other people who helped me in shaping my life and motivating me from time to time. Without them I would have been nothing. I was lucky that I was taught by the best professors in the world and I was blessed with the friendship of great friends whom I can never forget in my life. I'm really gonna miss this place m gonna miss my college days.

Shagun Bajoria is currently pursuing Master degree at Delft University of
Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands, major in Electrical Engineering
(track Microelectronics).

Sumit Dagar

DA-IICT was a place which will forever maintain its presence in our hearts.


Sumit Dagar is currently pursuing his PG. at NID Bangalore, in Information and Interface Design.


Anuj Tewari

DAIICT was the place where I let go of what I was and became what I can be. It was a learning experience right from the day I joined till the day I bid farewell, and I believe that the faculty and my batchmates were instrumental in making it happen. The brave new world that I see now, and the level to which I feel confident facing it, is something that I owe to DAIICT with all due respect. At DAIICT I learned how to learn, I learned how to believe, I learned how to create, I learned how to find. At DAIICT I found myself.

Anuj Tewari is currently pursuing PhD in computer science with an emphasis on human computer interaction and educational technology. at University of Califonia, Berkeley.

Akansh Goyal

I would never forget four years I spent at the college. I am really thankful to all the professors for making the college what it is
right now. Hopefully it would do even better in the future.

Akansh Goyal is currently pursuing his master at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Microelectronics (Electrical Engineering).


G. Sriram

Four years ago, it didn't seem four years could be so short a time and throw up so numerous memories. DA-IICT is probably unique in terms of the complete freedom you get to chose your life there.

G. Sriram is a Post Graduate Student in Management at IIM Kolkata.


Harsh Chawla

If someone says me to tell something about DA-IICT then I become very confused because I can not understand which things to tell as there are so much things that I got from DA-IICT. I even remember the day when I entered the DA-IICT gates for the first time. The DA-IICT was like a dream-come true for me. The bunch of friends that I gained here, the mentors that I had got to get guidance from and the values that I got from this institute is going to stay with me for my whole life. The life at DA-IICT makes you a person that nothing can defer you from your path in your life. Its true that "ONCE A DA-IICTian, ALWAYS A DA-IICTian.

Harsh Chawla is working as Software Engineerpursuing at Persistent Systems Ltd.

Kapil Goyal

Every day when I wake up I try to find myself in DAIICT campus, "Ohh My God what a nice campus that was".I will never forget that campus. Along with it a world class faculty and a fabulously designed course curriculam, which provides a wide range of electives and lets one explore oneself in the domain he wants and helps one in every walk of life.

Kapil Goyal is currently working as Software Engineer at Infosys, Bhubaneswar.

Shriram Bhandari

DAIICT is the best place. I learnt many new things and had lots of fun. Its place where fun and studies go together. It helped me take a proper career path. In all, its a place where a person can explore different fields of interest.

Shriram Bhandari is currently working at Benchmark IT Solutions, Pune.


Prateek Khurana

I say it is one place that offers you a perfect blend of opportunities to learn, guidance from the best of faculties backed up with the best of infrastructures to pursue your interests. Moreover, it is not only the technical aspects that one would learn, the non-technical courses have a lot to offer which help in broadening the perspective horizon.
The four years I spent here will always have a special place in my heart.

Prateek Khurana is currently pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing) at S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai.

Amit Agarwal

DA-IICT is a place where talents are made.
DA-IICT tought me how to survive and prove ourself in challenging and competitive environment. I find coming into DA-IICT as my biggest acheivement.

Amit Agarwal is currently working as Development Engineer at pramati Technologies, Hyderabad.


Vaibhav Rao

I am going to cherish the four years I spent at DA-IICT throughout my life. The rigorous and unique academic program (No institute in this
country boasts of designing and anthropological courses in it's Engineering program), World-class faculty members, Best in class infrastructure and not to mention the fun filled hostel life!! All this has helped me immensely in becoming a better person both personally and professionally. I consider my self really lucky to be a part of this great institute.

Vaibhav Rao is currently pursuing Post Graduate iploma in Management at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode.

Chetan Kumar

My four years of engineering at DA-IICT were very fruitful. DA-IICT provided me the platform to hone and nurture different facets of my personality that have made me a more competitive and balanced individual. The rigorous ICT curriculum has lent me a sound technical foundation in information systems, computer science and programming languages. I would like to credit much of my success to the distinguished faculty members, their constant encouragement and close participation in my academic development. Further, the courses on management science, anthropology and the rural internship have helped me develop an invaluable dimension to my thought process.

At DA-IICT, I also had the chance to participate in many cultural and
extra-curricular activities that were organized and competed with great enthusiasm. Above all, I had the opportunity to spend four crucial years of my life with such talented students who are going places and performing exceedingly well in their fields. I thank the entire family of DA-IICT for playing an instrumental part in shaping my career.

Chetan Kumar is currently pursuing M.S. degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University, IL, USA.

M Deepak

DA-IICT is a temple which laid a strong foundation to my career and also to my

M Deepak is currently pursuing M.Tech. in CSE at IIT- Kanpur.



Nivesh Rai

DAIICT is one of the best educational institute in the country which offers best faculty, wide variety of courses and electives, excellent learning environment and an exciting place to be a part of. All four years of mine have been a great learning experience whose memories will remain with me forever.

Nivesh Rai is currently working as Software Engineer at Infosys Technologies Limited, Mysore.


Nitesh Jain

DA-IICT is one of the best institutes in india. Faculty, Infrastructure, Campus Environment everything is among one of the best. Everything that i have achieved till date is because of the platform that DA-IICT has provided to me.

Nitesh Jain is currently working as Software Engineer, at Procurve Networking(Hewlett-Packard Networking Division).


Hardik Y Patel

DA-IICT has been a unique institute with the most unique course in its offering. Having graduated from such an institute makes me proud. I thanks the Ambanis for coming up with such an institute and would like to thank all the professors who helped me to reach such a destination like Reliance Tech Services.

Hardik Y Patel is currently working as System Architect (GEL), Reliance Tech Services, DAKC, Navi Mumbai.


Ch.Phani kanth

These 4years at DA-IICT have been the most exciting days of my life both in academic and extra-curicullar activities. Experienced professors, innovative curriculum, and good friends have been the key benefits of this program. Interaction with staff, faculty along with classmates is something I will hold on to and cherish forever.The various backgrounds and cultures that make up the student population in the program contributed to a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Ch.Phani kanth is currently working in Mindtree as an Engineer in R&D Dept

Aditya Sankar

Pursuing my undergraduate degree at DA-IICT was an honor and a privilege, and it was also a very enjoyable four years of my life. The academic and creative freedom given to students encouraged us to pursue our interests whole heartedly.

Aditya Sankar is currently working as Research Software Development Engineer, at Microsoft Research India, Bangalore.

Anurag Pachar

When I came to this college I had nothing but thoughts only of an employee, But now as I completed my graduation, I have learned to think beyond certain tracks. And this all happened because of the great atmosphere that I got here. I am sure the outgoing mass from DA-IICT is more talented than the mass coming out of other prestigious colleges in the country because a student here learns more about handling a life not just keep following what the boss says.

Anurag Pachar is currently working at CERES Information Systems.

Pradeep kumar singh

One of the best colleges of India equipped with state of art facilities and infrastructure. The unique course structure supported by excellent faculty provides all opportunity to students to unearth their interests and pursue their career. The freedom given here in this regard is truly unrivaled.

Pradeep kumar singh is currently working as Software engineer R&D, at Hewlett-Packard Procurve Networking, Bangalore.

Rajesh Choudhary

Its a great college having a good faculty and infrastructure.



Rajesh Choudhary is currently working as Trainee, at WCCDS saldhana, South Africa.



Ankit Dahiya

As balance a college can be in terms of academics and extra curricular. Best years of my life.

Ankit Dahiya is currently working as Software Engineer, at Infosys Tech. Ltd.



Rahul Gupta

Crucial four years of life well spent. One of the best hostel life.


Rahul Gupta is currently working as Software Engineer, at Infosys, Pune.



Rajesh Geda

It has been a great time in college. Missing college.


Rajesh Geda is currently working as Associate software Engineer, at Accenture Hyderabad.




Batch of 2007

Akankshu Dhawan

I still remember the first day I came to DA-IICT with my father and now I compared it to what happened 2 months ago when I came to USA and went to drop off my younger brother without our parents in a foreign land. This marked change in my confidence can easily and totally be attributed to my life at DA-IICT. Those 4 years will always remain the golden days of my life. The friends I made at DA-IICT will always be my most trusted bunch in the world. I learned a lot in those 4 years.Coming for Masters to USA I have realised that in terms of vision, knowledge and implementation of the highest quality of education DA-IICT is as good as the best universities in the world. I can proudly say that I made the right decision by opting for DA-IICT and I hope to become a proud product shaped by some of the finest professors in the world.

Akankshu is currently pursuing his Masters in Electrical Engineering at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

Anand Jain

At DA-IICT, I enjoyed and learned a lot from seniors, batch mates and various student clubs. The liberty to choose what to study and what not, by its advanced curriculum, has provided me choices to first explore and then build my career in my area of interest. The faculty and labs were among the best one can get in India. This class institute helped me to realize my dreams like making a robot, organizing trips, learning VLSI and so on. Last but not the least, I will never forget the night-outs and sleeping in day in hostel room (need not be mine!!!).

Anand is currently working at ST Microelectronics, Greater Noida as a Design Engineer.


I had the best time of my life here at DAIICT. The best of friends, the best of fun. An awesome experience.


Harshvardhan is currently pursuing Graduate Diploma in Information and Digital Design at National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad.

Prateek Dubey

DA-IICT is perhaps one of the few places in India that will teach you everything from coding and transmitting signals to the sociological effects of Media. And then after having thoroughly spoiled you with its unique and positively life altering exposure that some of the faculty provide, it gives you the confidence to do whatever you wish to do with your life.

Prateek is currently pursung PGPCM at Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad.

Ranjit Singh

Graduation in a certain sense takes you through the journey of being a man from being just a boy! Colleges do it in a lot of different ways. education, environment, freedom, space for experimentation, friends, professors, games, festivals and above all of these, orientation. DA-IICT, I guess, is probably the only institution that can change worldviews within months of getting into it. It introduces you to a plethora of possibilities from which you can choose your own path to being a man! For starters, I guess being in a batch of 240 might make you a little overwhelmed. But, you have to realize that you can find friends for life within those sets of 240. You can create your own niche of friends, possibilities and even electives. The beauty of the campus lies within the fact that it allows for eccentricity, even embraces it, till the time you can carry it forward with decent academic records. You have professors that you will remember all your life and to top it all, you will end up having memories that would last forever. I think that's all you need for the metamorphosis.

Ranjit is currently working as Research Engineer at DA-IICT.

Tanushree Jindal

With its multidisciplinary and visionary approach to education, DA-IICT is a unique institute in India and in its formative years, a very exciting place to be. Having gotten just enough exposure to disciplines as varied as core technology, design, anthropology, economics, business finance, cinema, and cultural studies along with many deeply enriching interactions with our faculty, at the end of four years we have grown as individuals and have had the confidence to build diverse perspectives and goals for ourselves in life. Also, for each of us life on campus was a rich set of experiences and a whole lot of fun!

Tanushree is currently working as Associate Consultant at Microsoft Global Services India, Hyderabad.

Ujjwal Singh Grover

DA-IICT offered me a variety of electives to choose from, which gave me an opportunity to pursue my areas of interest. Some courses like Embedded Systems, Discrete Event Simulation and Grid Computing opened new avenues for me. These courses gave me a lot of exposure and gave me opportunties to apply knowledge and concepts studied earlier. The final year project offered me a chance to work with my professor guide very closely which gave was a wonderful experience. Apart from the academics, the presence of a large number of students clubs like the film club, cricket club and press club helped me develop a sound perspective and opinion. Needless to mention that I had great fun in our Annual Festivals and the other regular cultural events.

Ujjwal is currently working as an Engineer in the R&D Services of Mindtree Consulting Ltd., Bangalore. Ujjwal was actively involved in the Film Club and the Technical Committee in the college. He is also an active blogger in Mutiny.in .

Vasudhara Kantroo

Inspiration, Opportunities, Interactions, Exposure, Growth, Freedom, Possibilities - for me, this is our Alma Mater. The amazing campus - which was home for many of us for four good years - years that we'll always cherish, will probably remain my "happy place" for life. The assortment-of-sorts curriculum provided us with the much needed exposure to a range of disciplines; strong guidance and mentorship by the faculty provided a much needed support system; maverick programs like the Rural Internship and Design Project helped us gain perspective and inspired the creative bit in us. Life at DA-IICT was a rollercoaster ride - there were ups and downs, but at the end, we came out stronger AND it was great fun!

Vasudhara is currently working at Microsoft's India Development Center.

Batch of 2006

Ashish Kumar

In DA-IICT, I found a unique blend of application based rich curriculum, experienced faculty members and an active campus. The exposure received at the institute opens up the students to bright career opportunities in industry/academia, and makes this transition both natural and smooth. In addition, campus events and interactions with fellow students from varied geographical and cultural backgrounds contribute significantly to the development of one's personality. The four years spent at the campus would always be memorable.

Ashish is currently working as Software Engineer in Google, Hyderabad.

Chetan Kumar

My four years of engineering at DA-IICT were very fruitful. DA-IICT provided me the platform to hone and nurture different facets of my personality that have made me a more competetive and balanced individual. The rigorous ICT curriculum has lent me a sound technical foundation in information systems, computer science and programming languages. I would like to credit much of my success to the distinguished faculty members, their constant encouragement and close participation in my academic development. Further, the courses on management science, anthropology and the rural internship have helped me develop an invaluable dimension to my thought process.

At DA-IICT, I also had the chance to participate in many cultural and extra-curricular activities that were organized and competed with great enthusiasm. Above all, I had the opportunity to spend four crucial years of my life with such talented students who are going places and performing exceedingly well in their fields. I thank the entire family of DA-IICT for playing an instrumental part in shaping my career.

Chetan is pursuing his M.S. degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University, IL, USA. He was also a member of the DA-IICT rock music group - Igneous, where he played as a guitarist.

Kapil Barve

Course structure at DA-IICT introduced me to diverse streams of technology and gave the opportunity to pick my area of interest. It has a vibrant campus life, outstanding faculty and the various internships are key learning components. The Curriculum provides excellent career paths in industry and in academia.

Kapil is working in MindTree Research as Hardware Engineer.

Prabhat Kumar Saraswat

With DA-IICT and the memorable 4 years in our hearts, we have embarked upon a journey filled with exciting new challenges. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without the immaculate research and the intuitive ways of teaching at DA-IICT. We are very grateful to the institute for attaining the roles of a mentor, a friend, a home and a positive force that keeps on propelling us towards success.

Prabhat is currently working with Philips Research Labs in Germany on Zigbee Technology. He is also doing his Masters from Advanced Learning and Research Institute (ALaRI), Lugano, Switzerland in the research area of Advanced Embedded Systems/MPSoC. Prabhat was also the base guitarist for the band - Igneous during his college days in DA-IICT.

Priyank Gandhi

DA-IICT is the best place to study. The best part about DA-IICT is its excellent professors and infrastructure provided to the student.

Priyank is currently pursuing MS in Software Engineering at San Jose State University.

Shalabh Jain

DA-IICT has been a great starting point for my engineering career. The style of teaching, the infrastructure and above all, the faculty have simply been superb. The fundamentals taught here, helped me not only in my graduate studies at a US University, but also in my professional life at Qualcomm. One of the best things with the curriculum is the plenty of internships offered along with the course work. Such experiences help a lot in shaping one's personality and getting exposed to the industry before actually getting into the real corporate world.

Shalabh is working as an Engineer with Qualcomm Inc, California, USA. He is working in the area of embedded software and wireless telecommunication. After graduating from DA-IICT, he did his Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Florida, Gainesville.

Batch of 2005

Ankit Narang

During by school days I always wanted to act as a catalyst to the growth in Information Technology. This aim of mine led me to the decision to join DA-IICT. DA-IICT helped me create a concrete foundation for my techsavvy mind. All my learning and knowledge from
DA-IICT laid a strong foundation for my future career growth. The application based study and the practical approach towards technology stimulated my mind and forced me to realize my full potential which is the reason I'm able to deliver my best to the organizational growth of my current employer i.e. Adobe Systems. I'm grateful to the institute, all its professors for mentoring and grooming me into a truly professional person.

Ankit is a Software Developer in Adobe Systems, Noida working on Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES) Forms, a server software product from Adobe Systems. LiveCycle ES combines Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) and Adobe Flex (Flash based UI) to develop customer engagements applications.

Ankur Bhargava

A truly unique course structure along with an excellent faculty to guide us. Along with the subject matter expertise, I think the non-core courses on humanities and social sciences helped me develop an altogether different perspective towards life and society.

Ankur is currently pursuing MBA at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad after having orked for two years in MindTree Consulting Ltd, Bangalore as Analog IC Design Engineer.

Atishay Kumar

The iconic line from 42nd Street "You're going out there a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!" is an apposite compliment for
DA-IICT. A young, fledgeling mind is moulded and groomed by excellent faculty members. DA-IICT not only provides sound technical education but also exposes students to variety of subjects like economics, design, math, society at large and many more resulting in all round development of mind. Having spent two years in industry I can say that DA-IICT course curricullam ensures students are ready for industry upon their graduation and at the same time exposes students to the future trends and issues in computing industry thereby encouraging them to solve these problems. A large share of what I am today goes to excellent education and exposure that DA-IICT gave me. Course curricullum is intense and uptodate with lots of practical learning whichs propells us way ahead of students from other places. It prepared me for thriving in professional and non-professional life. Once out of DA-IICT, I found myself significantly ahead of counterparts from other colleges. Having said all this, I must mention here that a student must reciprocate and make full use of excellent faculty and facilities in order to reap benefits of studying at DA-IICT.

Atishay is currently working with Microsoft Corp. at Redmond, WA as Program Manager in Windows Division

Charu Sachdeva

One of the best things about DA-IICT is that it gives you the environment to nurture your interests and provides you with an opportunity to create your own curriculum. The breadth of electives allow you to specialize in any particular area of Information and Communication Technology. Also, by successfully weaving courses on humanities and management with the core engineering curriculum, DA-IICT creates well rounded engineers. This immediately puts us at an advantage over our peers at workplace, for we not just are technically competent but can also communicate effectively and understand the 'big picture'.


Charu is currently working as Product Engineer at Cadence Design Systems, Bangalore since 2005.

Dharmendra Gupta

DA-IICT is one of the best institutes in India that provides excellent 3F's i.e. Faculty, Facilities and Focused career learning. It becomes first home to dedicated learners with excellent guidance. And finally it provides excellent placement opportunities.


Dharmendra is currently working in Ericsson India Pvt Ltd. at Gurgaon as Senior Solution Integrator.

Kunal Bhandari

DA-IICT is one of the best institutes in the world in terms of faculty and infrastructure. The focus here is on all-round development of a student. The research environment makes everyone think out-of-the-box and prepare themselves to face any situation in the competitive world outside.

Kunal is currently working with Amdocs, Pune as Senior Subject Matter Expert.

Kundan Burnwal

I couldn’t find a better place to do my undergrad, than DA-IICT! It’s one of the finest institutions in almost every possible aspect: be it quality of education & the academic rigor, faculty, talent-pool of students, research, infrastructure, exposure, extra-curricular activities and what not! The environment brings out the best from the students. It’s certainly among the top-10 T-schools in India and I’m really proud to be from the first batch of this great institution!

Kundan is currently working as Rotation Engineer at Intel Technology India, Bangalore.

Manu Rastogi

Not many people would join an institute whose admission counseling is held in a tent on a dusty side road with half complete buildings in the background and no assurance of a 'degree'. But we did (read 240 students)! We all had our reasons. Over the next four years DA-IICT grew and we grew with it. We struggled, fought, created, destroyed and celebrated together for things that went wrong and things that we did manage to put in place. As I look back today, DA-IICT gave me not only the technical capabilities with its unique course structure (how many electronic engineers can claim to know Java?) delivered by best faculty but also shaped me as an individual through non-technical courses and the environment all around.

Manu is associated as a PhD student with the Hybrid group under Computational Neuro Engineering Lab at University of Florida, Gainsville, USA (CNEL , cnel.ufl.edu/hybrid). He works on Low Power analog and digital Circuit Design techniques for neural implants as part of the Brain Machine Interface Project. Apart from circuit design Manu also have a keen interest in VLSI CAD algorithms.

Maya G

DA-IICT is a promising and very rapidly evolving educational institution with extremely good faculty and fellow students. Backed by Shri Dhirubhai Ambani's vision to spread the power of knowledge, the institute provides students with best facilities and a very conducive environment for overall personality development. I am glad to be a part of its first batch.

Maya is currently pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Management at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and would be joining DSP Merrill Lynch, Mumbai as a Senior Analyst from May 2008.

Mukul Kabra

DA-IICT is really a dream institute with state of the art campus and advanced and unique infrastructure available in academia. I always recommend everybody for DA-IICT because of its world class faculty and so much advanced curriculum which no other institute have in one package.

Mukul is currently working at ST Microelectronics (R&D Center) at Noida as Senior Software Engineer in the Wireless Infrastructure Division on WCDMA - Femto BaseStation.

Niket K Choudhary

I had an exciting and rewarding experience and gained much knowledge and insight from our professors and fellow students at DA-IICT. I believe DA-IICT provided me a strong platform from where I have been able to build my career in my area of interest.

Niket is a Full time Graduate Student at North Carolina State University, USA working in the research areas of High Performance Computer Architecture, Parallel Processors, Compiler Design and VLSI Design.

Rakesh Kumar Dhull

DA-IICT is the right place for any student who has gut feeling to work hard, who has creativity to think beyond equations, and who wants to aim high in life. The course structure is one of the best in the world, supported by eminent faculty, wonderful library and infrastructure facilites. One of the best thing about DA-IICT is the fact that it makes you more competitive, which is the essence of success.

Rakesh is currently pursing Masters in Micro-Electromechanical Systems(MEMS)/Nano-Electromechanical Systems(NEMS at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Shashwat Singh

The four years spent at DA-IICT were life defining. This is where we grew along with the college in to what we are today. The best four years of my life and lots and lots of memories to cherish is what we have to add on to the excellent education and valuable guidance that we received at DA-IICT.

Shashwat is currently working as Associate Consultant at Infosys Technologies, Pune. He also did his MBA from VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur and graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 2007.

Tarun Chawla

For every person his undergrad college holds a special place in his life. Its the time he goes from being a teenager to the hard ships of real life and in that time learns lessons that will be with them forever. But for us 240 students it was something special. We were the first batch of our college and started when the buildings were still to be completed. We have seen its fast rise from that point to to being among the leading engineering institutes in India. There was no one senior to guide us. It was just 240 students away from home living together bonding like a family.

DA-IICT provided us a platform, a springboard to realize the dream of every high school kid and more. It provided an excellent curriculum with a faculty made up of the top and the best. What the DA-IICT education provided me was how to think and not just to cram up the books. It worked for an overall development through science, humanities, economics, sports, art, culture, management and so on. I learnt the basics of life and made up the best friends in there. It gave me a zest to aim higher, to try and achieve something more than most others, to think differently.

Where I am today is all because of DA-IICT.

Tarun is currently doing his Ph.D. with STMicroelectronics, France and ENST, Paris working on reducing impact of process variations in ultra-deep submicron technology for semiconductor fabrication through design. He has completed his MS degree from ISEP, Paris in System on Chip Design with a 6 months internship with Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique/ Laboratoire d'Electronique et de Technologie de l'Informatique (CEA-LETI), the leading government research organization working on all aspects of energy domain.